Increase Profits – Sell More To Your Existing Clients

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One of the most effective things you can do to increase your profit is to sell more to your existing clients. However, doing this without sounding like you are delivering a sales pitch is a skill that requires development on a number of levels.
Many therapists believe that to sell more they have to make a great presentation and talk about he benefits of the products. My belief is that a large majority of therapists would sell far more – with far less effort, if they simply spent more time analysing their client’s skin in greater depth before just jumping in and delivering a treatment.
Click here to download my article featured in Professional Beauty Magazine Nov/Dec 2010 Skin Analysis Skills That Help You Sell More (pdf-463kb)
Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle is one of Australia’s leading industry experts in skin analysis, anatomy and physiology.