Episode 2: Lashana Shepherd

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From your Beauty Expo keynote speaker, educational webinar host to even your aesthetic technology educator, Lashana Shepherd has no doubt been on your radar over the past few years. Lashana’s 13-year career started as a therapist working in day spas, medispas, laser clinics and with doctors before moving into the training and education space.

A previous Training and Education Manager, Lashana played an integral role in developing and delivering industry-leading education programs for prominent aesthetic technology across Australia and New Zealand. Lashana’s latest role, Brand Coordinator for Gay Wardle Education and Beaute Industrie has seen her combine her two passions – therapist education and resource creation.

Throughout her diverse career, Lashana realised that therapists were not equipped with all the tools they needed to confidently and effectively deliver treatments. Sure, there was an abundance of training available but the resources that came with them needed to be more engaging, easy to follow and exciting to learn.

Lashana now pairs her clinical expertise, deep understanding of our industry and creative flair to build learning resources for therapists like never before. Known across the industry for her infectious enthusiasm and signature bold lip, Lashana shares with us her career highlights, her passion for technology and what her excites her most about the future of the industry.

Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle is one of Australia’s leading industry experts in skin analysis, anatomy and physiology.